Education Grant Applications NOW! Select the image below to access the application.

Please keep in mind when applying for a SWCSEF Educational Grant:
  • All items belong to the building/school in which the grant was awarded.
  • Items may not leave the building/district for any reason.
  • All technology (hardware, software or Web applications) grant requests must be shared with Rob Moore, Data/Technology Department, prior to submission.
  • Funds must be used as outlined in the grant request. Should any items become unavailable, an acceptable alternative must be approved by the SWCSEF and SWCS.
  • Grants are awarded for a specific school year and should be in operation during that school year. 
  • Spending must be completed no later than April. Any monies unspent will be returned to the Foundation to be used for next year's recipients.
  • Grants information is shared through the SWCSEF Web site, Facebook and Google+.