Thursday, May 31

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship means that I can be financially independent from student loans. The amount of stress that is took off my shoulders means so much to me. Thank you! 

Steven K.

Wednesday, May 30

2018 Educational Grant Award

In March 2018, Opera Columbus visited Highland Park Elementary School for a one time performance of the children’s opera Jack and the Beanstalk. This event was attended by the entire school, over 600 students, and it was a great success. The preparation for this performance started in December in music class. All third grade students were taught the songs and the choreography for Jack and the Beanstalk.

Permission slips were sent home with students interested in participating in the Highland Park opera chorus for Jack and the Beanstalk. Participating students had an opportunity to experience what it takes to put together a children's opera, learn about voice technique, performance etiquette, staging, set transitions, and working together with the actors and the live piano accompanist. Students attended a hour long opera workshop led by the Opera Columbus’s Education Director, Destani Coleman. They also had a dress rehearsal prior to the show. One of the biggest takeaways for participating students was that they were able to demonstrate everything they learned on stage and to serve as leaders in their school.

Many teachers incorporated Jack and the Beanstalk into their daily literacy and math lessons. A class of second grade students created a keep book for the music teacher, where each student created one page of opinion writing about the Jack and the Beanstalk opera. First grade classes incorporated Jack and the Beanstalk into their daily writing workshop, did character analysis, and recreated the character in their art center. And, kindergarten classes worked on oral storytelling, talking about the performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Highland Park staff and students would like to thank the South-Western City Schools Educational Foundation for providing this wonderful opportunity.

2018 SWCSEF Grove City Noon Lions Club Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship has allowed me to see some reward for all of my hard work throughout high school. I cannot wait to attend college next year and this will alleviate so much stress for me.

Dakota S.

Tuesday, May 29

2018 SWCSEF Barry A. Babbert Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Winning this scholarship makes me feel incredibly blessed and thankful that the SWCSEF is helping my future endeavors become a reality.

Erin H.

Friday, May 25

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

Winning this scholarship means a recognition towards hard work and dedication.

Luz S.

Tuesday, May 22

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

Winning this scholarship makes a huge difference. This money can be used to buy books and other things necessary to allow me to get the best education I can get.

Kimleng S.

Friday, May 18

2018 SWCSEF Marianne Birt Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship means that focusing on my studies can be more efficient than worrying about repaying money. This scholarship also gives me the opportunity to give back in the future!

Hannah A.

2018 Scholarship Recipient

Tuesday, May 15

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

Thanks again for awarding me this scholarship! I plan to use this money to pursue an education at The Ohio State University, where I plan to major in Exercise Science and later become a Physical Therapist. This money will allow me to accomplish my goals.
Rachel D.

Monday, May 14

Thank You for Your Support! (Click Image to Watch Video)

Thank you to all who attended and sponsored our annual SWCSEF Dinner event supporting SWCSEF student scholarships and teacher grants.

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

​Winning this scholarship validates the work that I have put in over the last four years and has allowed me to continue educating myself.

Stephanie W.

Friday, May 11

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship means a lot to me because as a typical college student, my main concern is money and how I will be able to afford my education. This scholarship will give me peace of mind knowing that my college debt will not be as intimidating.

Matsvei M.

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

​This scholarship is going to allow many opportunities to become attainable to me in the future and I am very grateful that I was a recipient of this scholarship.

Bintou F.


Thursday, May 10

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

Thank you so much for this scholarship. It means so much to me and assures that South-Western really does care for the future of their students. One of my former educators, Lee Schreiner, told me about it last year, and I was super excited to apply! This scholarship will give me the opportunity to help pay for textbooks and music that I will need in the upcoming years in order to become a music educator.

Elizabeth A.

Sunday, May 6

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

2018 SWCSEF Scholarship Recipient

Winning this scholarship to me means the most and I feel honored to have been selected as a recipient. It has made me realize that hard work actually pays off.

Penelope O.