Monday, August 15

Past Classroom Grants

Third Grade Orinthology Inquiry

Life science taught to elementary school students through an initial inquiry question: How can we attract a variety of birds to our school site? 

An inquiry guide, Bird Sleuth developed by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology gave students the support they needed to design, implement, and share their own investigations. 

Suggested inquiry questions included: Will birds eat more from feeders near trees? Will there be fewer birds at a feeder next to a fake cat? What time of day do American Robins prefer to feed their young? Does temperature affect the number of birds that visit the feeder? 

Funds were used to purchase equipment needed to carry out student research. Findings were shared with the local community through the school newsletter, group presentations and with the broader scientific community through Cornell's Citizen Science Program. State standards of life science and inquiry, and literacy standards through reading of non-fiction text and writing were met. Math is also addressed through data collection and graphing results.

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