Tuesday, May 31

2015-2016 SWCSEF Grant Recipient

Thank you for the funds to purchase bouncing ball chairs for our kindergarten class. At the beginning of each class, students were given an opportunity to bounce on the chairs for one minute before instruction, allowing them to release extra energy and get each class started with something fun.
Students who struggled with hyperactivity were given bouncing breaks in the middle of instruction which helped them increase their focus. The chairs were perceived as “cool and fun” and students enjoyed sitting on them. Students from other classrooms often asked if they could come and sit on the “cool” chairs. They became so popular that they were used as a whole class incentive during the school year.
The bouncing ball chairs were used by four reading intervention groups, three social skills group and two math intervention groups. We have been very thankful for this opportunity, and we are looking forward to using the chairs again next year.

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