Thursday, May 26

2015-2016 SWCSEF Grant - From Kindergartener to Scientist: Exploring the Life Cycles of Ducks.
Students observed the life cycle of ducklings from egg to duckling, parts of a duck, and how to take care of them. Each of the five kindergarten classrooms received a different type of duckling. This consisted of Mallards, Cayuga, Swedish, Khaki Campbell, and Buff.
Students were able to experience the hatching, and the transition out of the incubator. Once they were dry enough the students held the ducklings and watched them take their first swim.
The excitement throughout the school was awesome and the kindergartners couldn’t stop talking about their new friends.
Students participated in interactive writing with 4th grade students, sharing knowledge about ducks and wrote informational reports about ducks.
Ducklings stayed in the classroom for about a week and were then sent them to their forever homes. It has been about three weeks and students still ask about their friends and enjoy sharing their learning with anyone new in the building. It was an experience of a lifetime. 

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