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Scholarship Donation Information

The South-Western City Schools Educational Foundation greatly appreciates your support.  without support such as yours, we would be unable to provide opportunities benefiting students in the South-Western City Schools.  It is with your support that our program is successful.

Once your grant and/or scholarship donation has been received, an Educational Foundation representative will contact you requesting specific information in regards to your donation.  Please considering the following options when choosing to make this donation:
  • Is this a memorial or an honorary grant/scholarship?
  • Would you like to specify the high school at which this grant/scholarship will be awarded?
  • Would you like to personally present the scholarship at the Annual Awards Assembly which is attended by hundreds of students, parents, teachers and community business leaders, or would you prefer that it be presented by a South-Western City Schools Educational Foundation Board member.  
Grants/scholarships for the spring of 2011 must be received prior to Monday, March 18, 2011.  Again, your support of student achievement is to be commended.  Thank you.