Monday, July 2

2017-2018 SWCSEF Grant Recipient

Teachers and parents know that each child is different in the way they think, act and learn, but have we ever considered the physical environment that a child prefers and learns best in?  That question was addressed with a SWCSEF (South-Western City Schools Educational Foundation) grant. The “21st Century Classroom” considers how the actual classroom with its tables, desks and chairs affects a child’s ability to learn. With the money provided by the grant, Mrs. Weber was able to purchase four “Neorok” stools that rock and spin as a child sits at their desk and works. An additional four “Cantilever” chairs were purchased that also provide for this same back and forth rocking motion as a student works. Each day in Mrs. Weber’s class, students have their choice of seating options and the feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive. On one occasion as the new class entered the room for science a student could be heard saying “I love coming in here because I get to pick my seat.”  Another student wrote “I like to move when I work and I think it makes me more productive.”

The pie chart below illustrates that 92.5% of the students like to move while they are working.  A regular school chair does not allow for any movement while a child is sitting in it. Two students added that the chair that rocks has a higher seat back on it and that was another bonus in addition to the rocking.  Several students also commented that the movement helps them focus and this is one area that the “21st Century Classroom” has researched. The physical working environment does impact a child’s ability to focus, stay on task and complete their assignments.

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