Friday, June 29

2017-2018 SWCSEF Grant Recipient

2017-2018 SWCS Education Foundation Grant Evaluation: West Franklin Elementary students benefited from a SWCS Education Foundation Grant during the 2017-2018 school year. The entire student body was able to attend The Columbus Children’s Theater production of “The Three Little Pigs.” Over 600 students enjoyed the lively, audience participation-style nature of the performance. After seeing the traditional fairy tale come to life, students were able to explore story elements such as character development, setting, point of view, and author’s purpose. Older elementary students compared the original version to the stage version, critiquing and justifying their thinking with evidence from the play. The experience, as a whole, was especially beneficial to West Franklin’s high  population of low socioeconomic students. The opportunity for many of the students to attend live theater is unusual, and we were able to walk to Franklin Heights High School to see the play at no cost, thanks to the generous grant. Students even learned and/or practiced social skills such as sitting quietly during the show, applauding at the appropriate times, and asking questions after the performance. West Franklin Elementary students thoroughly enjoyed the Columbus Children’s Theater performance of “The Three Little Pigs.”

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